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The tip of the iceberg gets bigger and bigger

The tip of the icebergMany people and businesses actively support the B of Joy initiative as volunteers, supporters, member-certificate holders, donators or bail-free members. Together with United People Foundation, that oversees this proces, they are making this initiative viable. Now the B of Joy is here to stay and that is good news! If you scroll down, you will see a list of companies and people featured on this website page.


THE HAPPY FACES CAMPAIGNWith the Happy Faces campaign, we show through personal messages and beautiful photos the motivation behind longing for the B of Joy.
And at the same time, we shed light on the need to reach the number of 10,000 ELC holders, as this is necessary for the creation and existence of the financial platform, which has the potential to become a bank.


Among those who support the B of Joy are some supporters and a photographer who, for the Happy Faces campaign, beautifully portrayed these supporters. The campaign launched its first portrait in May 2023. If you hover over a photo and see a hand appear, you can click on it for an additional short story.


  • Hansje Meursing
  • Conny Coppen
  • Ton Ottevanger
  • Marion Geyer
  • Johannes Jacobs
  • Joyce snijders
  • Christa Nagtegaal
  • Anne Meijer


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Supporters, Volunteers, Donators, Member certificate holders en Participants