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Creating a sustainable abundant society

Vision and mission

Central to our vision is a Good Stewardship of All Life. This vision is based on the New Declaration of Human Rights (NDHR). This describes a world of abundance and peace. In our mission we are working on developing and promoting ecological innovative financial products and services, which are exclusively dedicated towards serving society. This includes the introduction of the URA as a new currency and natural growth as revenue.

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B of Joy

A grass roots initiative by professionals

B of Joy is a grass roots initiative by professionals. We bring the role of money back to where it belongs. As a means to facilitate our daily life. We intend to show that growth is possible, as long as that growth is ecologically sound. This means that growth is permitted as long as nature and our environment benefit from this growth. Click on the photo and see who we are.

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United People Foundation

United People Foundation realizes the issuance of eternal member certificates, participations and memberships for its cooperatives, those existing or in the process of formation, including B of Joy. It also oversees the identity, continuity and purity of the B of Joy concept and principle of abundance, a centre piece of B of Joy's values. Do you want to support the B of Joy as well? Then, click elsewhere on this website on: ‘Join us’ and tell others about the B of Joy.


Who are we?

The B of Joy founders foresaw that the current financial system would -continue to- cause a lot of harm. Our B of Joy team has grown to over 10 people. The current B of Joy group comes from the business world, non-profit organizations, universities and of course the banking sector itself. The consensus in the group is that there is a necessity for change, in the direction of an ethical financial system. Currently a few thousand of people are actively involved in B of Joy as: volunteer, sympathizer, holder of member certificates, sponsor or participant. Together with you, our team wants to create a joyful future for our country and our planet. Are you fed up with the way things are? Are you ready to be the change? B of Joy will shake the foundations of The Netherlands and elsewhere in a positive way! Under the button ‘read more’ you can see who we are ;-)

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The B of Joy lectures and interviews

Have you ever had the feeling that something isn’t right with our society and our economy? Have you ever asked yourself why we live from a place of scarcity? Why, after national elections, promises are always broken and there are always cutbacks in government spending? Why our national debt just keeps increasing, despite these cutbacks and extra taxes, while more and more public services are being privatized? Why is our money worth less and less? Why do we pay interest on a mortgage? What is money actually, and where does it come from? Why do the rich get richer and the poor poorer? Why? Are there any answers? 

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Distributing Flyers

For B of Joy, money and acquiring a banking permit are not goals in themselves, but a means to serve. A Good Stewardship of All Life, a just society and a healthy economy are our goals. Together with the supporters, certificate holders and the B of Joy team we will strive for a change. The B doesn’t just stand for Bank. It also stands for Movement. A Movement that can become the largest in the world, together with you. We ourselves are the change, so tell everybody, join us and help us. Click on ‘download’ for the flyer and spread them throughout your network.

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Under 'advice' you'll find possibilities to halt austerity measures. As well as a plan to create 250.000 jobs, without extra government spending. An alternative for the 'Casino' pension and a solution for the current financial crisis, which will make people a lot happier. As a grass roots initiative by professionals we advise government bodies, organizations and individual people, because we know significant change is possible.


An alternative for 8 billion in austerity measures


The central government intends to cut spending with some additional 6 to 8 billion in 2014. These measures are to be realized by raising taxes and decreasing facilities for the citizenry. B of Joy and its supporters are of the opinion that the bill for these measures should be handed to the parties that caused the current crisis and not to the citizenry.

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A memo to parliament: resolving the national deficit


This memo informs you on why we should stop subsidizing countries in the grip of a crisis and why we need to intervene in the retirement funds. We will show you possibilities of resolving our national deficit by means of a new banking system. Our society is not aware of the gravity of many of the financial and economic problems in our country.

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Solving the financial crisis versus the Chicago Plan approach


Ms. van Dixhoorn, representing the Sustainable Finance Lab (SFL), an initiative of Herman Wijffels, Peter Blom en Klaas van Egmond, made contact with the B of Joy. Besides discussing the Chicago Plan, the knowledge and experience of the B of Joy was requested to help form a correct judgment of this international proposition and to offer alternative ideas.

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We could have saved €93 billion in interest payments

In the Netherlands we finance our national debt by selling government obligations to anonymous, expensive and unpredictable capital markets. Since 1970 we could have saved €93 billion on interest on our national debt. Knowing this, from now on, we can save huge amounts of interest paid on the national debt. Want to know more about this solution? Click on the download button.

About interest and national debt