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Irreversible transitions

United People Foundation

B of Joy is an initiative of United People Foundation (UPF). A non-profit foundation that develops innovative products and services. These products are exclusively of service to society. To do this, we ask for support and collaboration from society itself.


In this way, the products and services are most optimally tuned to the needs of the community and makes the realization of our goals possible. When enough people participate all of the envisaged transitions will become worldwide irreversible. If you would like to help us, there are a few different ways to participate. When you have made your choice, you will be redirected to the UPF website. They are guiding the process for B of Joy.


1.  Sign up as a volunteer - be the change

B of Joy and UPF are growing fast. Due to this growth we regularly seek volunteers to bring this manifestation to live. All the core team members work as volunteers. Can you write well, have marketing experience, ICT experience or were you a bank manager? Are you available for a minimum of 7 hours a week? Take a look to see if we are looking for you.


Marketing specialists Internationally, we are looking for marketing specialists who can create visibility for the B of Joy and UPF and attract people to become donator or co-owner.

Read moreCommunication specialists Internationally, we are looking for communication specialists who can effectively voice the vision, why we do it, and what we bring to the (geographical) target audience.



2.  Register as a donor

Donors can help by providing funds to finance the daily running of the B of Joy. Not for paying salaries but, for example, to pay for website hosting, production of promotion films and other practical or material needs. 

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3.  Register as a supporter

Become a supporter of B of Joy. For € 25,- or more you can help make the change in the current banking landscape possible. When we reach 60.000 supporters we will have our own bank and yes, it will also be your bank!  As soon as the bank is operational and you have become a supporter you can, if you so wish, have a free membership of the cooperative for the first year.

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4.  Register for 'eternal membership certificates'

For every € 100,- or multiple thereof, you receive your own numbered, eternal member certificate (EMC). You own these certificates for life and they are only transferable through inheritance laws. With this certificate you can enjoy a part of the returns that B of Joy will generate as soon as the banking permit is achieved. In addition you have one (1) vote in the member meeting that determines what returns can be paid out.

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5.  Register for bail-free for amounts above 100.000 euro

Do you have 100.000 or more euro’s? Be careful. Did you know that all bank (saving)credits of above 100.000 euro may be requisitioned within the EU to save banks? That means, your savings of more than 100.000 euro are no longer safe. Our answer to this is bail-free. We safeguard capital by placing it in safe havens in Europe, there where the big money of Royalty and large corporations is placed. With bail-free we invest your money in the real economy, that gives returns on investment and serves society. Do you want to safeguard your savings?The financial Ark of Noah


Quotes from the council of ministers>The cleaning up of bank balances has priority. That’s why a thorough analysis of the European bank balances needs to take place as soon as possible, followed by the obligation of recapitalization where needed. (where do you think they get the money from?)

>In the case of an eventual bankruptcy of a financial institution, the bill shouldn’t be placed again with the taxpayer. The “bail-in principle” whereby stockholders and creditors (read: your savings) are the first to be liable financially, will be the guiding principle. Source: central