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Newsletter June 2023

In this newsletter we talk about various new initiatives and about our activities on social media.


Dear interested party, supporter and participant,


Maybe you've seen our Happy Faces campaign go by and recognize the quote when you see this picture. Or you think: what are those frogs doing now? In this newsletter you will read more about it and we will inform you of what we have been working on in recent months.


We wish you much reading pleasure.



EXPERIENCE of a lecture

One of our volunteers went to Ronald Bernard's lecture in Oostkamp and wrote the following about it:


‘Off to Belgium’ we went, for the lecture 'B of Joy & Ura as Noah's financial ark', which was held in a large sports hall with beautiful rooms. Agnes and Dominique, organizers of the event, received us warmly.


About 200 people had registered and around 7 pm, the hall was quickly filling up. It looked like one big family was coming in. Michael Sabbe and his wife were there as well and as they were known by many, there were informal and amusing conversations.


There were people who came to see Ronald in real life, people who were curious and there were those who were very interested in what this URA now entails and what they can do with it already.


The lecture was informative and generated many thoughtful questions, which were answered by both Ronald and Michael in a clear, understandable fashion.
We can look back on a successful event.


Written by a UPF volunteer.




To enhance ease of use, three instructional videos have been created. Each one explains step by step the computer operations required for:


• Creating a URA account:
• Purchasing an EMC:
• Signing the Declaration of Peace:


A URA account allows you to use the URA platform and the URA currency. These facilities provide the opportunity to make positive changes through a new financial system.
What Ronald says about THE ORIGIN of the URA financial platform:


With an Eternal Member Certificate (EMC), you help build the equity of United People Foundation (UPF) and its affiliated cooperatives. This creates a collective funding opportunity for working capital and resources. By purchasing an EMC, you become a co-owner of a new financial platform. What Ronald says about THE NEED for an EMC:


With the Declaration of Peace, you indicate with your signature that your mind-set is not (no longer) focused on personal gain, but endorse the philosophy of United People Foundation and B of Joy. This aims at the liberation of all children, including your inner child, so we can live on in peace and harmony with ourselves, each other, flora and fauna.
What Ronald says about THE TRANSFORMING EFFECT of the Declaration of Peace:



swimming turtle




The new world we all long for so hard. Many are fed up, tired and done with the old world, it can't change fast enough. We are often good at pointing at people and things we are dissatisfied with but what if these are manifestations of our universal consciousness that we are all connected to and collectively responsible for? I mean do you always act from love or do you secretly also contribute to the old world consciousness?


‘A new world begins with ourselves’ is one you've probably heard many times. But what does this really mean? To create the new world, we will first have to believe in it and focus on solutions; embodying it in order to be an example to others.


The new world of unconditional love, joy, health, abundance, compassion, trust, respect, forgiveness, understanding, wisdom, justice and responsibility. When we begin to radiate this, we positively nourish and influence our collective. After all, everything is energy and connected.


What we want, we seem to know well but do we carry this out? Do we take full responsibility or are we still waiting for a savior? Do we remain angry with each other or do we take responsibility to understand why people can do inhumane things?


Do we understand that we need to step fully into this ourselves first or do we wait for others to make it right? Or will we break through all the old programs and fears by first taking responsibility for ourselves and becoming spiritually mature by not seeing everything as an attack, but as an imbalance in our collective consciousness? It's time to wake up from those very deep programs and start seeing that we are the creators and the ones responsible for our world we live in now.


The road is clear, everything is there to make the impossible possible. United People Foundation is what we have been waiting for!

Believe in yourself, in each other, in this world and don't be fooled

Time for change, frogs are leaving

Be the change you want to see in the world ... and so be it!







A campaign, once conceived to call attention to the achievement of 10,000 EMC holders, necessary for the creation and existence of our financial platform, but which now also shines through the beautiful photos and stories of supporters who care about B of Joy.


The 9th of May, we showed our first portrait from a series of eight. If you hover your mouse over a photo and see a hand appear, you can click on it for yet another short story.


Every two weeks, the Happy Faces campaign is active on social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Facebook and Instagram. Portraits and short stories can also be found on our supporter page:


INTERVIEW - The mark of the beast or your liberation:

On May 11, 2023 Ronald Bernard was interviewed in Bruges by Agnes Jonckheere. This led to a nice personal conversation with special insights and depth that is really useful. The interesting lecture of the previous evening was also discussed.


The video of the interview is now hidden online on the Ronald Bernard YouTube channel: and will be made public as soon as all subtitles are ready. Dutch and English subtitles are already available.





This Dutch language event, organized by KEUZE VRIJ BIJ MIJ (free choice for me), is a splendid event with lots of valuable information, inspiration and likeminded people. It offers the opportunity to get acquainted with five complementary currencies, as well as to begin to stop worrying and instead to think of solutions.

Practical information is offered at the market and there are lectures and a panel discussion with:


Ronald & Kies Jouw Geld Dag

• Ronald Bernard (URA),
• Anthony Migchels (Florijn),
• Bart van Meulenbroek (Friling),
• Lenie Braks & Petra Vlutters (Fryske Euro)
• Serhan Meewisse (Bitcoin)


For more information:

• View Ronald's announcement:
• or read our newsflash: Choose for URA
• You can experience the event via livestream by purchasing an online ticket in advance. On a regular ticket, our readers receive €5 discount via code: 5KJGDFFL2




Michael Sabbe talks about solutions of the United People Foundation and of B of Joy, and shows how money can help (local) economies and communities.


It has become clear to many these last few years that the government leaders do not work for us, but are puppets of the banks, Big Pharma and Big Corporations. Us being uncomplaining and compliant has given them the power, even though in reality the power is with the people. It’s about time to create a new community together: From us, For us and By us.

That is why we invite you for these Online Webinars:

• Thursday, June 29
• Thursday, July 27
• Thursday, August 31
• Thursday, September 28


For more information on how to join go to: newsflash

Child drinking from water bottle


Quarterly Slogan : ‘Don’t talk about water, drink it’!