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Kies Jouw Geld Dag

Money Event KVBM with Ronald Bernard

At the Choose Your Money Day on Saturday, June 24 in Friesland you can learn about 5 complementary currencies; a wonderful event with lots of valuable information, inspiration and like-minded people.


Do you ever worry about your finances due to rising prices and a likely new crisis? About the abolition of cash money? Or about the advent of programmable money (the digital euro or CBDC) where governments and banks take control of your wallet?


Stop worrying, because money can be different and better.
And the alternatives are there.
This event is an initiative of and by Keuze Vrij Bij Mij.


Choose Your Money Day | saturday juni 24| Friesland

* With lectures by:

  • Ronald Bernard (URA)
  • Anthony Migchels (Florijn)
  • Bart van Meulenbroek (Friling)
  • Lenie Braks & Petra Vlutters (Fryske Euro)
  • Serhan Meewisse (Bitcoin)

* In the panel discussion you can (critically) question the speakers
* at the information market you will discover how to get started practically.


For further information and booking go to: KiesJouwGeldDag

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*** The language of communication is Dutch ***