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Investing in people and a healthy economy


A Good Stewardship of All Life is the core value of the B of Joy. Based on the New Declaration of Human Rights (NDHR), we see a world of abundance and peace. Waste, injustice, poison, war and poverty belong in the museum. New money and B of Joy are merely a means of serving society and to live our vision. Revenues, flowing from natural growth, will lead to a joyful life for all. The more our consciousness grows, the more we discover that anything is possible. We are the change.



We are working on developing and promoting sustainable innovative (financial) products and services, which are exclusively dedicated to serve society. In cooperation with others we will realize a balanced implementation of B of Joy as a product that serves. The introduction of the URA as a new currency is a part of this endeavor, since it enables maximum investments in people and a thriving economy. We go back to the roots of money, treating it as a means to facilitate our lives, rather than as a goal in itself. Our products and services contribute to a balanced society, which only delivers revenues based on natural growth. By introducing the URA based on hours and labor, we reduce inflation to zero. This gives the URA a more stable value than gold. The result is a society where people live together based on respect and compassion.

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How it started

Amongst other things, our vision and mission came about by asking the question: Why do most people live from a position of scarcity? While at the same time our planet shows us there’s an ecosystem that is harmonious and abundant. By following the money trail, the answer was revealed. We gave (almost) everything to a small group of people. The picture below illustrates this.


In the mean time Henry Ford’s 1922 statement has come true. There is quiet (r)evolution going on in our society. Governments, multi-national corporations, (central) banks and money should never become goals in themselves. They can only be allowed to exist and function as a means to serve people and their society. B of Joy is such a means of serving.


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