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Cooperation URA and Florijn

"Money, The Future: URA and Florijn"

With this interim newsletter the good news reaches you that a special pilot has been launched. The complementary coins URA and Florijn will be usable on each other's platform.


With a signed agreement and the mutual agreements, we show that the solution to the debt system is not a fairy tale and set the example that cooperation makes us stronger and bears the promise of reality. Provided that you also participate!


On March 16, the the URA and the Florijn's two-part presentation by  will be held again. The language of discussion will be Dutch.


Ronald Bernard (URA) and Anthony Migchels (Florijn) once again make their expertise available to interpret the current economic climate, because it really concerns them.

Ronald and Anthony working together


Before the break, Anthony will take you through the habits of most people, how we value money, deal with it and what the effect is. More broadly, he touches on topics such as inflation, deflation and their effects.


Using an updated presentation, Ronald provides insight into the world order and reveals the forces, powers and methodologies used to control citizens.


With their explanation of the possibilities of the Florijn and the URA, both gentlemen demonstrate their financial vision and the solution for a healthy world of abundance, including through these complementary currencies.


There will be an opportunity for questions after the lecture.



Websites with information on:

- de Florijn:
- de URA :


Delezing is organizing this two-part event in Roelofarendsveen:

For an overview of all information and tickets, go to:


Put a cross in your calendar on:

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 8pm - 11pm.

We hope to see you there,

Team United People Foundation & Stichting de Florijn