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From Chance to Change

Newsletter March 2023

In this newsletter, we look back on the URA and Florijn joint meetings. We talk about solutions and opportunities and offer some viewing and listening tips.


Dear interested party, supporter, and participant,

If you look at the picture, you read 'chance and change'.
We at UPF took the chance with both hands and so change was created in the good sense.
Are you curious about what this is about? Then read on and we will inform you of what we have been working on in recent months.

We wish you much reading pleasure.




On February 16, at the end of the diptych presentation, the go-ahead was given for a pilot project between URA and Florijn. It was a special moment in which signatures were added to the cooperation agreement on the spot. The desire to exchange each other's currency has existed on both sides for a long time, but the time must be right and the details settled before it actually happens. But now the picket line has been set and this exchange option of URA and Florijn will give a boost to the turnover and sales opportunities, of both private individuals and companies. It is an advance in quantitative and qualitative sense and a way to make each other stronger.


On March 16 was the second meeting and this time too, the opportunity to ask questions was well used. Using a practical example, it became clear that the most important property of a complementary currency is that of a medium of exchange. Which means NO INTEREST is charged and no debt arises that cannot be repaid. That's what it's all about!


Anthony Migchels and Ronald Bernard have each been working on their complementary currency for more than a decade. They didn't know at the time how long it would take, but Anthony said interest in the Florijn seems to parallel the extent of the crisis situation(s). He concluded people apparently need to feel it in their wallets before they are willing to break habits.


Joining forces

UPF and De Florijn have each worked on a feasible solution. Both URA and Florijn have proven their validity and conquered a piece of the market and now we are showing that by combining our strengths and our network we become stronger and the possibilities will increase. The application to use mutual coins on each other's platform need not be limited to URA and Florijn. Rather not! UPF invites other coins such as Westlandse Watermunt and Makkie to also use the URA platform to form an entire network together.



Of course, in today's age, a complementary currency is not the only news that reaches you. Delving into a different money system, like finding out what it can do for you, talking about it with others, investigating and weighing objections, examining your own motives and compass, stepping out of your comfort zone and joining something to pay with a complementary currency, are a lot of steps!


By informing you, we are trying to create a situation where there is room for connection, so we can look beyond the question: what's in it for me? So it doesn’t become every man for himself, but we for all.


Jan Bommerez, International Advisory Board Member of the UPF, explains in the interview below how fear of the unknown leads to resistance.


He also answers the question: how to make a quantum leap in your life: "You do this by taking small steps that build momentum. If you want to jump right away, you will stretch a muscle. It’s about small steps that build momentum together and suddenly you have a take-off energy. So at first it seems to be slow, but the energy builds up and suddenly you make the leap. You can't predict when that will happen, but you have to be willing to take all those little steps."


Jan Bommerez in Follow your wind



United People Foundation and Stichting De Florijn also proceeded step by step. By looking from moment to moment at what is possible, realistic solutions have been found, based on what is accepted and allowed. Because of this investment, with many professionals, we dare to say URA and Florijn are good and reliable products.


UPF-total solution

Our motivation is a healthy economy and a dignified and fair future for ourselves and those who come after us. We believe it is possible to change the world through the financial system, provided enough people will participate. United People Foundation goes beyond the URA coin! If everyone contributes, we will form: United People (





Last December, the URA platform was given a new look. Have you seen how beautiful and smooth it looks and works? Even on a small phone it still looks clear, it is practical, and fast. With the choice between a light or dark background, you can decide what is most comfortable for you. On a first URA purchase, you will be surprised how efficiently communication and payment are handled. Everything happens in "the blink of an eye" and we heard from a professional salesman he generated 1,000 URA in profit from multiple sales! So folks, it works, it can be done!


We would like to share this letter:


Experiences of a happy URA platform participant

Through time I have become an experienced user of the URA platform. At first it took some time to figure out how everything worked, but soon and with some help from the support team I became more and more enthusiastic about the user-friendliness of the platform.


Finding out what is already for sale or offered on the URA platform. In the beginning it had to grow, but soon there were more and more offers and participants.


I ordered my first products, in this case delicious vegan chocolate bars. Personally, I was very excited about the easy way to arrange a payment and with a payment request it is even easier. Now someone might say: well, that is very simple, but for a computer illiterate that is not so common I can assure you. :-)


The clear bank account, being able to email with vendors, getting tips from the support team and connecting with like-minded people; all things that make life more enjoyable. I hope there will be many new participants and more opportunities for people to get information even easier.


I can recommend everyone to take a look and just order a nice bottle of yogurt, custard or a skin-friendly and pleasant bar of soap or whatever you need and are interested in. This way, we all help build a new economy and society, one that advocates a Good Stewardship of All Life and in which we consider fair distribution and equal society a must.




Instructional videos

To further enhance ease of use, several instructional videos are being developed. These include videos on: signing up for the URA platform, getting started on the URA platform, purchasing an Eternal Membership Certificate (EMC) or signing the Declaration of Peace.

As soon as these are available, we will let you know via a newsflash.


‘Where did shocking interview Part 1 go?’

Ronald Bernard has recorded an important personal message in response to a deleted video on YouTube. This short English video was recently posted online and is subtitled in eight languages.
Where did shocking interview Part 1 go?




Lectures and Webinars (Dutch-language)

Michael Sabbe discusses United People Foundation solutions in his Lectures and Webinars, after showing why a change in the money system is desperately needed.


Online Webinars at Thursday April 27 and Thursday May 25

Details to sign up can be found in the newsflash.


A LIVE SESSION is planned at Melle - Belgium - Saturday April 22

start: 10am till about 6pm
The lecture will be introduced by Steven Arrazola Dé Onate.

Details of the event soon to be completed and found in the newsflash.



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