11 May 2022: Ronald Bernard lecture at Schiphol-Rijk

Thuis/News / 11 May 2022: Ronald Bernard lecture at Schiphol-Rijk
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Change ahead

Lecture Schiphol-Rijk

A new opportunity to attend the address "We are the change": Ronald Bernard will speak on Wednesday evening, 11 May, at Schiphol-Rijk (NL). There will be room for 120 attendees and tickets are expected to sell out fast.


In his new life, Ronald Bernard is a socially responsible entrepreneur, and founder of United People and many other projects.He is using his knowledge, skills, insights, and life experience in serving mankind and life itself, in pursuit of a world of peace, prosperity, and personal happiness. A central tenet to his work is Good Stewardship of All Life. First of all for the children, as they are the future.


In his lecture 'We are the change', Ronald Bernard will provide insights into our inner world and the illusory old world surrounding us. The lecture will address the old powers manipulating us from our earliest days. You will be made aware of your free will, which may lead to real liberation and prosperity for everyone who wants it. Do you know who you really are as a human being? Chances are your life will change after attending this lecture.


Location: Boeing Avenue 222, 1119 PN Schiphol-Rijk, NL. Start time 19:00. Reservations and details: delezing.nl.