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Through investment we can make the desired changes

Thanks to our Bail-free product, the investment programmes can be implemented step for step. Products like the URA currency, mortgages, and the collection service will certainly follow. People who make their capital available through the Bail-free product have the same goal as B of Joy: the (participation in the) creation of a just society and a healthy (local) economy.


The B of Joy investments in people and businesses, are for the most part based on our vision and mission. Our vision and mission are also important in the collaboration with people and businesses. Our investment programmes grow in an organic way, similar to the way an allotment grows and produces yield. Here below are some examples of investments that inspire us, in which we collaborate or invest in ourselves.


B of Joy inspiration


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B of Joy collaboration

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B of Joy investments

The investment examples below give an impression of the B of Joy way of thinking. How it wishes to make investments as a cooperative. When there are more than 10.000 Eternal Member Certificate (EMC) holders, B of Joy cooperative will be put into action. From that moment on, the EMC holders, as the part-owners of B of Joy will have insight into, and a say on large investments. In addition, EMC holders can put forward investment projects. Before this time, no EMC funds will be used for making investments.

When you read: B of Joy or BOJ invests in … then for the time being it means without exception a product and trademark of United People Foundation (UPF). It’s the UPF team members that invest in the real economy by providing time, knowledge work and materials. An example is Earthmedia that also invests in B of Joy. One strengthens the other and so it should be with all investments.

B of Joy doesn’t speculate or give huge bonuses and will not make risky investments in the future. UPF doesn’t do any of this either. A Good Stewardship of All Life also means a good stewardship of money. Read also, as an EMC holder or interested party the points 1.3., 3.3. en 3.4. on the page FAQ.




Earthmedia on Facebook Earthmedia is a dynamic multimedia communication company that is open to real innovation and positive changes. By operating in a fair and sustainable way they want to help resolve the effects of a hard and over consumptive society. The B of Joy works together with Earthmedia.

Through their potential, vision, mission, supportive role towards others and the promotion of awareness, we invest in Earthmedia through our investment programmes. Earthmedia combines its ideals, its goals, with sustainable commercial activities. En thus they give the guarantee for themselves and for others that they are a stable business. For more information click on their logo.


 Herbestemming kantoorpand tot woonbestemming  Herbestemming pand tot woonbestemming

Innovative housing. In the Netherlands, for many years now, there is more than 6,5 million m2 empty, unused office space. At the same time there is, especially in the cities, a shortage of affordable housing for young people, students, starters and small households and businesses. We ask ourselves: why do we do nothing with empty office space? The B of Joy will address the issue of the housing shortage and unused property by transforming unused buildings into affordable housing through our investment programmes.


In this way, the supply of housing will be improved, the owners of empty, unused offices will be given a way of getting out of the situation and at the same time a socially acceptable rent- or purchasing price realized. Through a unique combination of housing and commercial enterprises, social cohesion will be promoted and the decay of existing buildings and their surroundings halted. In addition, local employment and the local economy are stimulated. You can look at the transformation of empty, unused buildings into a new lease of life here.



For more information about Permaculture click here!


We will soon be publishing more information about our investment programmes in this column.

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