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The financial Ark of Noah

The City of LondonBefore informing you about the bail-free product, we’d like to point out a couple of developments in the EU. Due to these developments, we have developed bail-free for amounts of money from 100,000 euro. What happened in Cyprus with bail-in, can happen from now on, to any citizen with savings of more than 100,000 euro. We haven’t published this information here to frighten you, but to warn you. We advise you to do research yourself.

The following developments are freely published and the government is honest about it, but keeps them away from attention as much as possible. It's a matter of reading the material well. At the bottom you will find some links to public pages, clarifying the following information. Apart from that, there’s new information coming out every day.


Did you know:

1.   The EU banking-union(1) may cream off money from savers who have more than 100,000 euro on their bank account? What happened with bail-in on Cyprus (Laiki Bank), in Holland (SNS Reaal) and Spain (Bankia), can happen at any bank(2) within the EU.
2.   That savings of more than 100,000 euro within the EU aren’t safe anymore? There are also voices within the EU that want to lower the threshold for the topping off of savings to 40,000 euro or even 21,000 euro.
3.   All European banks will go through a strict stress test this year (2014) and a large amount of banks will probably be re-capitalized? And that the money, needed for the re-capitalization, will be paid for by your tax money (ESM) and savings account?(3)
Coat of arms of Guernsey4.   The ESM(4) (European Stability Pact) was originally created in order to save other EU countries (read: financial institutions), out of solidarity, through a blank check (signed by Holland)?
5.   Recently, European ministers of finance have decided that the ESM also may use your tax money to save banks, as a replacement of the bail-out?(5)
6.   The IMF has proposed(6) to take 10% of all savings(7) of citizens with a bank account in the EU?
7.   Your money is safe at locations where big enterprises and royal families keep their savings?
8.   The B of Joy can help you to safeguard savings above 100,000 euro?
9.   We invest your money in a sustainable way and we turn money into a means instead of a goal?
10. We give F.E.E.S returns on investments that create a healthy economy and society?
11. The new bank bail-in system goes into effect in the whole EU per 1 January 2016?(14)

12. ATTENTION: 20-11-2017 | ECB wants to end the € 100.000 deposit protection on savings.(15)


Creating a healthy society and economy

The product bail-free is solely developed for amounts above 100,000 euro. We invite you to read all information thoroughly. Bail-free means not only protection and a stable value of your capital, but it is also a sustainable investment(8). The goal? The creation of a healthy society and economy. All activities of the B of Joy give Financial, Ecological, Emotional and Social profitability (F.E.E.S), which is also the case with bail-free.


The members capital at the B of Joy

The Isle of Man

B of Joy holds a minimum of capital at banks that are registered under the EU bail-in regime, because we don’t want to lose our money. Through our donators, supporters and eternal member-certificate holders(9) we acquire capital in order to comply with an important condition for the application for a bank permit. Our starting point is a Good Stewardship of All Life and thus, also for money.


Locations the EU has no grip on

We have safeguarded our money within Europe by banking where all multinationals, banks, nobility, royal families and the most powerful families on Earth also are banking. Your money is also safe there. A few safe locations where the EU and the banking-union has no grip on, are: the City of London(10), Jersey(11), Guernsey(12) and Isle of Man(13). Unlike the big money, held by royalty and large enterprises, we have a different approach in our undertaking. B of Joy is completely transparent about the incoming capital with the tax office in your country. So it doesn’t alter any tax due on capital owned.


Bail-free, a solution oriented product

Through bail-free, we ensure value stability of capital by a payment of F.E.E.S returns on the capital investments which are available for at least 5 years. In that way your money keeps its value. Participation in the fixed value URA is also possible. We place several conditions on participating in bail-free, due to our objective; the creation of a healthy society and economy.


Coat of arms of JerseyThrough the savings-investment accounts, a certain part of the deposited sum of money will be available, for a minimum of 5 years, for investments in the real economy. What this means is that we invest money in clean energy, affordable housing, technical innovation for Small- en Medium sized Enterprises (SME) and so on. In short, investments that are beneficial to society and local economies. It gives an impulse to our economy and Financial, Ecological, Emotional and Social returns (F.E.E.S). The other half of the deposited capital will remain available for withdrawal.


Overview of minimum percentages and amounts to be made available for 5 years

- from 100,000 to 175,000 euro is the minimum to be made available for investment 20%
- from 175,000 to 250,000 euro is the minimum to be made available for investment 30%
- from 250,000 to 325,000 euro is the minimum to be made available for investment 40%
- from 325,000 to 400,000 euro is the minimum to be made available for investment 50%
- from 400,000 to 500,000 euro is het minimum to be made available for investment 60%

As a bail-free participant you can choose to make a larger percentage available for investment. If you choose for a higher percentage of investment we will give, in addition to the F.E.E.S returns, an optional extra return on capital that is realized by the investments in the real economy.


Quotes from the council of ministers of the Netherlands

1.   The cleaning up of bank balances has priority. That’s why a thorough analysis of the European bank balances needs to take place as soon as possible, followed by the obligation of recapitalization where needed. (Many EU banks are in bad condition, where do you think they get the money from?)
2.   In the case of an eventual bankruptcy of a financial institution, the bill shouldn’t be placed with the taxpayer. The “bail-in principle” whereby stockholders and creditors (read: savings) are the first to be liable financially, will be the guiding principle.


Losing your pension and/or savings

A research document recently appeared on the IMF website which says that for more and more countries it’s becoming impossible to reduce their mountain of debt by economic growth. History shows that countries in this situation can only reduce their mountain of debt by financial repression such as: high inflation, low interest rates, restrictions on movement of capital, extra taxes, forced contribution from pension funds and the devaluation of government bonds. Through these measures there is a big chance that your (pension) savings will disappear into thin air when the mountain of debt turns out to be unsustainable. Want to know more? Download the IMF document here.

It’s time to stand up

B of Joy is, like money, not a goal unto itself. It is a means to reach for higher goals. Our higher goal is a healthy society and economy for all. That’s what B of Joy stands for. The B stands not only for Bank, it stands also for Beweging (movement) literally and figuratively. A movement in which we return the country to its citizens. If you’re interested in bail-free, apply by using the “Contact” button. In a personal conversation we will inform you about the possibilities.

United People Foundation Contact Bail-free is your financial Ark of Noah.

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