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Introduction of innovative financial servicesB of Joy core team, click on the photo and see who we are

When sufficient supporters, members certificate holders, donators and participants have joined, we would like to start this year with some innovative financial services that will have a noticeable impact on our society and will initiate a structural recovery of our economy. To find out who we are just click on the photo.


We will introduce our Bail-free service - our financial Noah’s Ark, our own currency - the URA, next to the euro. When we talk of fixed-value savings you can think of inflation proof savings which are beneficial to society, to sustainable investments and which will stimulate local economies. And how about a cost saving of 100,000 euro’s when buying a house? Or business members who can enjoy low-cost administrative relief and a real factoring service?



Our investment programmes

‘Less talk more action’, is perhaps too brief as description, but it does say reflect our driving force is - just do it! The investment programmes are an important part of our product line. Investments that are beneficial to society, the economy, people and all life. We will not rest until we make ourselves felt in a positive way. We are: You and me, everybody. Are we the Movement that is so overdue? YES, because we ourselves are the change. Through investment we can make the desired changes. And that is exactly what we wish for.

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Our Bail-free Service

Do you posses 100.000 euro’s or more? Pay attention. Did you know that within the EU all (saving) deposits above 100.000 euro’s are vulnerable to acquisition in order to save banks? This means that your savings above 100.000 euro’s are no longer safe. Our answer is Bail-free. We protect capital by placing it in safe havens in Europe. There where the big money owned by royal families and large corporations is placed. With Bail-free we invest your money in the real economy, that gives revenue and serves society. Do you want to safeguard your savings?

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The inflation proof URA

The URA is the inflation proof currency of B of Joy. The currency value is based on hours and labour. Hours and labour are in fact inflation proof. Hours and labour at this moment in time, have the same value as hours and labour in 10 years time. This will make the URA more reliable than gold, because gold is a commodity which is subject to speculation. Which affects the current price of gold. All investments in URA are brought into the real economy and provide Financial, Ecological, Emotional and Social returns (FEES). The funds are invested in raw materials and commodities, fair entrepreneurship, biological food, natural energy resources, real estate, clean water and people. These investments are beneficial to mankind which will always need and use them.

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Inflation proof saving

To get some insight into the product ‘inflation proof saving’, we recommend you first learn more about the URA, our inflation proof currency. Inflation proof saving is actually based on the URA. Good understanding of money and interest charges is important. Inflation proof saving means that we invest your money in clean energy, affordable housing (using unused buildings), technical innovation for Small and Medium Enterprises and much more. All these investments are beneficial to our society and stimulate local economies. Which results not only in financial returns, but also other values such as: environmental, emotional and social.

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Comparing mortgages

United People Foundation develops innovative and sustainable financial services for its own organizations like the B of Joy. On the next page we compare three different types of mortgages. The standard mortgage, which is offered by the banks at this moment, The JAK bank mortgage, a mortgage which is looked upon as innovative and sustainable, and lastly, of course, you will see information about our housing lease construction. The comparison is based on a mortgage of € 235,000 with a term of 30 years. The difference between the most expensive and cheapest mortgage is € 100,000.

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Collection services

To our business members we offer the use of our cooperative factoring service at attractive terms. With this service our organization will advance the payment of your outstanding invoices. We will take care of the collection and the risk of non payment. These services are now also provided by other organizations, but are too expensive for most Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). Because we use a different cooperative method it is very attractive for SME‘s to use our factoring service.


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