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Together towards a just society

> December 2016 | Dear interested, volunteer, donor, supporter, ELC- and Bail-free contributor. Our B of Joy Team has a special FEAST message for the December holidays. This goes beyond Christmas and New Year Season’s Greetings. 2017 will be a very exciting year. Please click on Special Message for further reading. (Only available in Dutch).


> November 2016 | In the foreseeable future important decisions will be taken regarding partnerships and the application of the relevant permit, so that B of Joy can be operational. In the Newsletter (Only available in Dutch) you can read more about it. Active participation is and will always be necessary, if we wish to achieve TOGETHER real prosperity and wellbeing for ourselves, for others and for all the children of the earth.


> October 2016 | The objective of B of Joy, 'A good stewardship of ALL life’ is embraced by more and more people becoming aware of B of Joy through lectures, social media, participants and interviews. B of Joy was in the radio program "The New Money". During the debate Jeroen Ghuijs from Radio Finding Voices was asking, "When are the banks falling. We are waiting so long." The answer: https://youtu.be/IO4hcoxXarw "Will the Deutsche Bank eventually fall?" You will find the answer while listening to the entire recording on: https://youtu.be/tP22sjv3n74


> September 2016 | More and more people realize that the initiative B of Joy must succeed. This AWARENESS offers new collaborating associations. In that perspective B of Joy supports on September 28th the C.ingdom event AMSTERDEN. On that day, 10 promising high-impact scale-up pitchings are presented in the presence of many VIPs (Very Inspiring People), impact investors, passionate entrepreneurs, social impact fund managers, venture philanthropists and asset managers from home and abroad. The B of Joy investment programmes is a source of inspiration that can be activated via the Bail-free product. A top speaker, equivalent to Gunter Pauli (The Blue Economy) and Yvon Chouinard (The story of Patagonia), will also be present.


> July - August 2016 | Dead season. Not for B of Joy volunteers. A lot of work has been done during this holiday period. Indeed, almost all the preliminary preparation for obtaining a (banking) license was realized. From then on one can start to prepare the effective license. In September, an important article covering the B of Joy will appear in the magazine Spiegelbeeld. Soon the B of Joy lectures will begin. On September 18th, we will participate in a theme day in Eindhoven. In short, there is plenty of movement.


> May - June 2016 | Earlier this year, all B of Joy contributors received a newsletter. Do you want to read it too? You can download it here. Besides giving many lectures in Belgium and the Netherlands, there are also two B of Joy interviews on Radio Pateo and on Radio Finding Voices. These interviews give a deep insight and outlook on positive changes, prosperity and well-being for all of us through a fair trade cooperative bank in formation. To listen to the Interviews, please click here.


> April 2016 | In Belgium and the Netherlands the number of applications for lectures is growing. In recent months, the influx of Supporters, ELC- and Bail-free contributors has increased. The required start-up capital for the application of the Internet banking license continues to grow. IF enough people join us the application for the banking license can be forwarded in 2016. In the B of Joy report can be read that we have offered the document Resolve Public Debt to all 16 leaders of the Dutch Parliament in The Hague.


> March 2016 | The Be the Change event of February 20th 2016 was a success. The attention paid to the B of Joy market booth was overwhelming. Also, a B of Joy lecture drew a full hall with more than 200 visitors. On March 22nd 2016 B of Joy was very well represented during the event Participating Counts. There was great interest in B of Joy. In addition to Queen Maxima, there were more than 450 visitors present. We especially enjoyed all the positive comments regarding B of Joy.


> January 2016 | A happy and joyful New Year. We wish that you may enjoy in 2016 all that is good and healthy for you. The brand-new UnitedPeople Foundation Newsletter was published. In this letter you can read all about the progress of the megaproject B of Joy. Curious? Read the Newsletter online now. (to be downloaded in PDF). This month, the lectures were a great success again. After attending a lecture many applied for membership through the Join us page.