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URA platform open for new registrations

We have very good news! After being offline for a while, the URA platform is completely live again. You can now log in, offer, and sell products and services to other members and pay with the URA. It is also possible to become an EMC holder, supporter, or donor. Join us, for collective funding gives liberation.


For anyone who is a member of the URA platform, or has applied to join the URA platform, or as an EMC holder, supporter, or donor:
Thank you for your patience!


Awareness is spreading, whether it's truck convoys, torchlight parades, demonstrations, or doing your own research. An important underlying aspect in this whole is, of course, money. The secret to changing the world is in our wallets. Our purchasing power is siphoned off from local communities by large chains and multinationals. This is at the expense of our health, quality of life and local activity.


The URA platform offers an opportunity for local economies to flourish.


Do you want:

  • - To make a peaceful transition to a new world possible by consciously spending our money?

  • - An ideal meeting place for companies and individuals to share innovation, inspiration, supply, and demand with each other?

  • - A serviceable financial system in which you can online do your internet banking with your own URA bank account?

If you haven't opened an URA account yet, open it now!


Based on your ability to pay, you are part of the URA platform from only 10 euros per year (for private individuals) and from 100 euros per year (business). Also, when it comes to money, we ourselves are the change.


See you on the URA platform!