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Newsletter december 2022

This Christmas edition of the newsletter reflects in a compact way all that has been accomplished, as well as what is still needed for a better future. We can only do it together! Will you join us?



What does your future look like?

Dear interested party, supporter and participant,


The last newsletter of 2022 is right here ready for you to read. The sphere in the photo shows a piece of the world as you know it. Suppose this was a crystal ball in which you could see your future. What would you make it look like? One thing is for sure, if you play it safe and do as you have always done, then nothing will change, and you will get a future you DO NOT WANT!

In this newsletter, a volunteer sheds light on her idea of awareness. Words like consciousness and awareness are commonly used, but the meaning or explanation given to them often differs. As it is meant in the article below, we as humans can be aware of what is happening, in the world around us, but also within ourselves. For the United People Foundation, both worlds are important. The current outside world needs a drastic change, as man rules the world, we perish through and by each other.

The inner world is important, because when we have reached 10,000 participants and we start living according to, among other things, the Declaration of Peace, we will have to make all kinds of decisions with each other and because of this it is crucial we know ourselves. That our inner motives serve the collective, simply because we as human beings are created that way. In order not to fall into the same pitfalls, it is very important that everyone does their inner work. And hopefully the article below will give you a handle for that.

Furthermore, this newsletter is full of references to new videos and lectures on YouTube. We hope you take the time to take them in and you get inspired to participate. It is now one to twelve.

We wish you a lot of reading and viewing pleasure.



A Christmas present for yourself

How do you deal with things like disagreements, beliefs, doomsday scenarios and hostilities? Who or what are you, what are you capable of? Do you put yourself under a magnifying glass, or do you forget to think about yourself? The desire to feel free and be your unique self is strong. At the same time, you want to feel connected within this universe of possibilities. You hear terms like 'letting go' and 'accepting' and whatnot. But how to apply that and what works for you?

We are programmed to think we can only enjoy or relax when a condition is met. For example, we have a break and make a cup of tea or coffee and then, after that first sip of 'mmm tasty,' a thought and feeling 'now it's good' pops up. We think it's because of the coffee or tea, or because you've given yourself a break. But the great thing is that we can also start to feel better WITHOUT anything in return. And of this possibility we can teach ourselves to become aware.

If something is not going well, you are inclined, among other things, to look for the cause and the solution of the problem. In fact, you want to get rid of the stress. Your brain provides you with anything to make you feel better. A break or a distraction will usually bring some immediate relief. It is not strange if / that you think that approach of ‘finding a means to achieve the desired effect’ is really necessary. Commerce makes grateful use of that premise.

Welk pad loop jij?

Such programming influences how to deal with a situation, let's call that 'attitude'.' You think: 'coffee, coffee, coffee...and when relaxation occurs, you think it's because of the coffee. This conclusion is incorrect. The relaxation is due to attitude; you have shifted your attention, which was now with the coffee and not with the problem and not with the idea you have to solve it.


You must let this sink in. It sounds weird or simple, but it's incredibly important to comprehend. Just look at what happens with your attitude at the thought 'oh soon good coffee'.
‘Break' and 'coffee' can be replaced with countless other concepts. Ultimately, this realization can help you get a better grip on your life and make you happier.

Our suggestion is to experiment with this. At first it will only work in relaxed situations, but gradually also if a situation is more stressful. It will make your life more pleasant, but it will also help to stay in touch with others with a different opinion.
In the midst of all the turmoil.



Act now

This next golden age is an invitation for you to reveal the unlimited depths and heights of your sovereign, creative power - rather than seek for the world to change for you. YOU ARE THE CHANGE. You are here to embody the reality of Heaven on Earth that so many within your species seek to discover outside of themselves. If you want to move forward, we have the key, join us, become a member...

Michael Sabbe



Upgrade URA-Platform and UPF-website

A new look for the URA platform

Starting 16 December, the URA platform will have a new look. All the familiar functions will be there, but in a modern and easy to use interface. One that has been optimized for mobile.

And there is more to come. Among other things, we are working on more ways to pay with the URA, and the possibility for business accounts to issue vouchers. Existing web shops will have the option to add the URA to their payment options. More on that later.

With your input, we will keep growing and improving the URA marketplace.

Thanks for participating in the URA.



Work is being done on the German version:

Our German translator has taken care of all the texts of the UPF-website and that part of the job is done. We would like to thank Sebastiaan once again for the many hours of free time he has put into this. We are working hard to put the German version online this year. We will keep you informed; as soon as this is done, we will let you know via a newsflash.

German village



In de Media

Several new videos have gone online. We have made every effort to reach and inform as many people as possible with a wealth of information to turn the tide and make a transition possible. Below is a selection of short and longer videos, of different kinds. Perhaps there is something among them that you would like to forward the link to in your circle? Our message is not to postpone but to act now! Together we will pave the way for a better future, for the children, for ourselves and for everyone who will come after us.


'We are the change’ - part 1: Gives you fact -based insights (based on facts) about the old powers that try to manipulate our free will, about our inner world of fear and love and the partly illusionary world around us. The answers can lead to true change, freedom, and prosperity for all:


'We are the change’ - part 2: In this video Ronald Bernard shows the immense effect on the once asked question: 'how do you create a fundamentally better future for our children?’


Free & Joyful Entrepreneurship with the URA - part 1: What mechanisms the old powers use to withdraw a lot of money from the real economy and how to keep society under control:


Free & Joyful Entrepreneurship with the URA - part 2: Everything an entrepreneur and fellow human being needs to know is covered. It provides insights on how the peaceful transition will take place in three phases and how this will be possible without adverse effects in each country:


What steps are you taking for another world? When will you stand up and take back your true freedom? Are you aware that WE are maintaining the current system and no one else?


As soon as we no longer comply with all the imposed measures, then the change will come!What steps will you take? It is important that they can’t stop us anymore, and we defeat them on their own rules, in peace:


A summary you may want to watch again or distribute yourself. This is how we can get out, join us:


A short video about money as a medium of exchange:


To get a clear picture of the risks of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and paying with a phone app, watch Johnny's Cash and The Smart Money Nightmare:



LECTURES in 2023

Continuing the lectures given by Michael Sabbe in Belgium and internationally through Zoom, there are again plans to continue this in 2023 as well. In Belgium, one is already scheduled for February.

Plans and contacts have been established for lectures in 2023 by Ronald Bernard, both in the Netherlands and across the border.

A nice joint lecture is planned to look forward to: "Money, The Future: URA and Florijn" with Anthony Migchels about the Florijn and Ronald Bernard about the URA, with an opportunity at the end to ask questions to both gentlemen.
The lecture will be held on Thursday evening, Feb. 16, 2023. The location is in Laren (Gld), a bit above the middle of the Netherlands and in that sense perhaps a good opportunity to attend the lecture.

Belgium - Mechelen | Michael Sabbe | Thursday, February 2, 2023 | 7:30 p.m.
address: ’t Hof BySONder - Adegemstraat 102 te 2800 Mechelen.
Contribution 10 euro - payable in cash at the entrance.
Door opens at 19h.


Netherlands - Laren (Gld) | Ronald Bernard and Anthony Migchels | Thursday evening 16 February 2023 Further information to follow.

We will keep you informed of all lectures through our newsflashes. To view interim news releases, go to:



A Christmas memory

Of all my childhood memories, Christmas was a time when all the families came together and even enemies could make peace. Old quarrels were forgotten, no one had to sit at home alone. The grumpy old uncle, an elderly aunt who lives far away, a widow and childless neighbor found a family for an evening.

At Christmas we burned the stove a bit warmer than usual, the fire crackled early in the day. It was not a day to save wood. My mother prepared extra food, to fill baskets for the people in the village who we knew were less fortunate.

What moved me the most as a child was my discovery for the first time of seeing smiles on the faces of the guests. We were all together. There I experienced the magic of Christmas.


This was written by Eunice, our volunteer for Portuguese translations. Thank you for this Eunice and also for picking this card.

Be the change christmascard