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Newsflash june 2022

Some United People (UPF) team members are again giving lectures in the Netherlands and Belgium. In these they will highlight all created manifestations as feasible solutions. With these solutions, people themselves can set to work to achieve a world of peace, prosperity and well-being.


However, the full roll-out of all feasible solutions requires the cooperation of 10,000 EMC holders who, as co-owners, guarantee the continuity of their own cooperative enterprise. They do this by making a one-off contribution of €100 for the purchase of an Eternal Member Certificate (EMC) and, as soon as the bank is operational, by contributing €24 per year in membership fees to cover all operating costs.


For years we at UPF thought that the influx of 10,000 EMC holders would be easy, given all the created misery in society and all the discontent people are expressing. During the lectures and outside, some people shared similar thoughts with UPF. Surely 10,000 EMC holders is not that much to obtain? Then why is the number still not there after so many years of investment?


For many years UPF has been looking at itself through many studies and personal self-reflections.


What was the reason? Apart from lacking a large marketing and communication team, UPF has done everything to achieve more reach and results. And what turns out to be the case now? It is the people themselves who are not taking enough action, even though UPF has all the available events at its disposal.


Recently, someone wrote his findings to the UPF team. Just read:
"Dear team, a few weeks ago I was at the lecture meeting at Schiphol-Rijk. And it was nice and convincing. I also thought I detected something in the speaker's nonverbal communication about why people don't just do this. Not until today did I buy a membership certificate. And that is what my advice is about. I would really encourage or facilitate people on the evening itself to arrange it right there. You're home late and the day after, the 'normal' world runs again and this gets pushed into the background. Yes, even for someone like me who really finds it important to be part of this initiative. People are lazy and have a lot of actions. Such a clear-cut moment like a lecture is the perfect opportunity to help people make the choice and take care of it right away. How could you do this? A table with 1 or 2 people who 'help' and support people to arrange it right away. Don't get me wrong, but people in the old system are used to being helped to arrange things. Facilitate and people will thank you. The delusion of the day and the multitude of options just makes for fragmented attention. And 3/4 weeks later, I know I still want it, but no longer exactly why. I have taken care of it. But I suspect there are many who need a helping hand. Written with love and attention. Intended in all goodness."


For several years, the UPF team has reviewed all conceivable variations on how to encourage people to take direct action to become EMC holders on the day of a lecture. However, the question now is: what is it really about? Is it about what UPF wants to achieve? Or what the people prefer?


The latter is what it is all about. People have FREE WILL and OWN RESPONSIBILITY. The experience of the Covid-19 measures has already prompted some people to change their priorities in life through the growth of their consciousness. These people are now beginning to participate in UPF.


Many people are still in the 'Boiled Frog Syndrome' and do not yet see the urgency for fundamental change. How many more created crises and pain does it take for these people to choose differently?
The people in the UPF team are open every day to learning, developing, personal growth, seeing blind spots and so on. Finding out that the UPF team is not to blame this time is very painful. You cannot change the other person, only yourself. In the end, it is all right.




In India, a woman was with four men. The woman felt her death approaching and asked the men if they wanted to go with her into death. Three said no and one said yes.

The first man stands for body. You cannot take this with you into death.
The second man stands for matter. You cannot take this with you into death.
The 3rd man stands for relations. You cannot take this with you into death.
The 4th man stands for consciousness. Consciousness is inseparable and goes with you into death.

We pay more attention to the things we have to let go of. The only thing that has influence, we abandon, we leave in the cold is: CONSCIOUSNESS.


A letter from our youngest volunteer in Greece

The next generation

‘Our kids are the future’’, ‘’The kids are great’’, ‘’They’re lovely’’. These are some usual phrases-slogans that our parents, teachers, education specialists, ministers and governors keep repeating over and over again. That’s what we are taught at school and yet we’ve never really understood. Today, on this article, I’m showing a different aspect of a topic that that has to do with all the youngsters, but it’s been purposely neglected. I believe that we should question ourselves and think carefully whether we’re willing and strong enough to accomplish a task that’s seemingly so nice and easy happen.


It's a matter of fact that - and we keep saying that we live in an unfair world where corruption, crimes, wars, poverty and misery prevail - we as the new generation are going to make the world a better place. Obviously, this is a great future prospect. But, personally, what I’m seeing is the majority of the young people prefer to just make this statement without actually trying to make any changes at all and this issue has been getting even worse during the COVID-19 pandemic period. Teenagers tend to care mainly for the image of their body and how to make fast money instead of looking after much more important issues regarding politics and economy and this apathy ends up making them unable to resist to the manipulation that is taking place at the expense of the population by the corrupted governments. Youngsters tend to be selfish and only concerned about their own profit. In other words, materialism has invaded our lives. Under these circumstances, they remain completely inactive and that’s the reason why we’ve reached a point that hardly anyone can find happiness and instead we suffer from the global tyranny that sucks the real life value.


Although teenagers themselves are partly responsible for our current situation, the blame isn’t only on them. There are many other factors that compose an unwholesome environment for the young people to live in. The governments have been implementing too many poverty measures for a lot of years that afflict citizens and work against their welfare. The education system focuses on the
memorization of useless information so that the students can later find a decent job instead of teaching them real values and improving their ability to make right decisions. Furthermore, parents bare responsibility for this degradation, since within the western stressful model of life they spend
too many hours of their working in order make a living and as a result kids grow up without being given the proper attention. Last but not least, media tend to terrorize people and promote fake news that serve the interests of few ruthless oligarchs causing misery, disappointment and discriminations, all at the expense of the obedient citizens.


In conclusion, it is not my intend to discourage you and deter you from your wonderful job to awaken humanity but to raise awareness about a subject that we all should look into before making the tough decision to take part in this attempt to create a world of happiness for the next generations.

John Gatselis, 17 years old


Promise to yourself

As children, we have all, looking at and experiencing the actions of our educators, made the statement and the self-promise: Later, when I grow up, I will do things very differently. Do you recognize this?


When you review the time between the statement and the now, have you fulfilled the statement? Or did you not get around to it from the preformed consciousness? The present situation in the world in which we all find ourselves makes it time to fulfil this promise. Look at the children in the present who could very well use your help and your promise. Look at the elderly who, partly because they cannot comprehend what is going on, desperately need your promise. Look at the people of UPF and B of Joy who have prepared with all their heart and soul something that can be a help and support in finding a good stewardship of all life.


One day I will do things differently, is NOW I am going to do it differently. So Of, For and By the people then becomes: Of, For and By you! Your joining the UPF is that new opportunity from the promise of your youth.


Young person to his parents
Dear parents, dear people,
Do you know what I would like very much?
That I may really be my authentic self.
And when, one day, I look at your picture
I will think:
thank you for the EMC
and I would not call the king my cousin?

Video: "Grandpa, do I still have a future”?
Benjamin B. Joy