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Take back your true freedom

For everyone who wants to turn the tide.

In this era of opportunistic policies with crisis upon crisis, the need for change is increasingly clear. With these short videos we encourage you to make a difference together.


What will you do for Prosperity & Well-being? (duration 3:26)


 What to do for Prosperity & Well-being? (duur 1:49)



Within the URA platform, people can offer their products and services to and pay each other through the URA. It is a platform that is separate from banks and governments. Where no debt creation takes place and no interest is charged, but returns are made. A platform that is operational in more than 200 countries. Where millions of users can already be welcomed, and millions of payment transactions can be processed per second. A platform that is *OF* the people, *FOR* the people and *BY* the people. In short, join the transformation for a liberation from the current financial system!


Have you delayed your participation? Watch the videos and join us!

VIDEO : Free & Joyful entrepreneurship with the URA part 1


VIDEO : Free & Joyful entrepreneurship with the URA part 2



Part 1 deals with mechanisms the old powers use to extract money from the real economy and how to keep society under control.


Part 2 discusses everything that an entrepreneur and fellow human being needs to know. It explains how in three phases the peaceful transition will take place and how this will be possible in each country without any consequences.