20 april 2022: lecture by Ronald Bernard in Meterik

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Ronald Bernard


"We are the change"

On Wednesday 20 april 2022 Ronald Bernard will give a lecture titled 'We are the change'. In his lecture Ronald will offer insights in our inner world and the illusory old world surrounding us. You will be made aware of your free will, which may lead to real liberation and prosperity for everyone who wants it. Do you know who you really are as a human being?


As an entrepeneur, Ronald has a solid background in the financial world. He served the old powers in asset management and currency- and deposit trading. After a near-death experience his life transformed entirely. He started to tell his life story in 2017, which went viral. By now, more than 135 Million peope have heard his - sometimes shocking - story. It has changed the lives of many.


The lecture will be held in Meterik, Horst aan de Maas, Limburg (NL) and will commence at 19:30. There are only 80 seats available, so tickets may run out quickly.  For reservations and practical information, visit De Lezing.