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Our team and her support

Michael (1955) is an economist. He studied economics at the American university AUP. He is an entrepreneur and has experience in various sectors such as ISP provider, information systems, the textile and automotive industry. For the last few years his focus is on the development of green energy solutions, and lectures on sustainable financial systems. A sound economy (household) leads to a prosperous world for all. You can find more info about Michael here.

  • Michael Sabbe
    Expert financial systems

Vincent (1979) is working as a fiscal jurist and has studied Fiscal and European law. He has more than 7 years experience as fiscal jurist and advises (wealthy) individuals, expats and SME-businesses. In addition he is working as a workgroup teacher at Erasmus School of Law University. At an early age - partly due to his stay of a few years in China - he became interested in the world around him and how this world functions. He is also socially active with the JCI (Junior Chamber International) in Leiden.

  • Vincent van Wijgerden
    International jurist - fiscalist

Ingrid (1948) is a mediator. She has dedicated her life, to this day, making people and herself more aware, to resolve conflicts that have arisen from judgments and prejudices. She propagated the process of raising awareness through books and translations from English/American, courses and personal coaching from own experiences in life. The experience from her working life, also in the business world, now comes in handy. She is a point of contact at the B of Joy secretariat.

  • Ingrid Kramer
    Secretariat - coordinator

Erik ('58) a committed person, father, grandfather and international SME entrepreneur. He has a great sense of society as a whole, the living environment, human values, justice, freedom and strives for A Good Stewardship of All Life. Through a rich life of spiritual growth and work experiences, Erik now gives his energy as an ambassador to the construction and expansion of the New World. FOR the people, BY the people and OF the people. More about Eric: click here!

  • Erik vdf Boomsma
    B of Joy ambassador

Gianluigi (1980) is a marketer and business advisor. He studied at the Hogeschool Inholland, University of Amsterdam and followed a course at the Harvard Business Review. He has many years of experience in digital marketing and online businesses. Now he applies all this experience of cost- effective digital means to B of Joy, United People Foundation and other sustainable social organisations who want the best for citizens, societies and mother earth. Click here for more information about Gianluigi.

  • Gianluigi Cuccureddu
    Marketer - business consultant

Femke (1974) is someone who cares about her fellow man. She likes to coach people who want to look for the cause of their problem so that they will be able to re-member who they are. After some wanderings she concluded that her work as a secretary in a hospital suited her best. Here her empathetic capacity is very well appreciated. This quality will also be useful within the B of Joy secretariat to answer every mail with the right attention. Click here for more information about Femke.

  • Femke de Graaff
    B of Joy secretariat

Carla (1958) is a classical singer, poet and (song)writer. She performed her show ‘The Hour of the Heart’ for many years and supported many initiatives for creating awareness. She has written and published poetry including ‘It’s only about Love’ and ‘Searching for yourself’. With her partner Paul and daughter Belinda she performs internationally as ‘Opera Familia’ and earned among other things a gold record. Passion: Opening hearts for World peace. Do you like to know and feel more? Click here!

  • Carla van der Veldt
    Vocalist - ambassador

Ivan (1964) is an entrepreneur. He has more than 22 years of experience in sales, marketing, ICT, general policy and in how to successfully launch companies in the Benelux. Through his active engagement in the organization and promotion of B of Joy and United People, he is willing to help in  the building of a just and sustainable society. His passion is working on the awareness of people, in order to create a better future for everyone. Learn more about Ivan? Click here!

  • Ivan van den Bosch
    Management - promotion

Emil (1958) is lecturer, baccalaureate, researcher, philosopher and entrepreneur. He finished his studies at the Erasmus University and did research on decision making processes. He saw no problems with this, except in our hearts. He initiated and managed many sustainability projects. He reached the conclusion: a better world is a consequence of a higher state of consciousness. His HRM task is: reminding people who they are (consciousness) and what their task is (self-development).

  • Emil Möller
    HRM - consciousness consultant

Hans (1969) is a jurist. He passed his doctoral exam at the Free University Amsterdam with international-, state-, governance- and civil law as primary subjects. He worked for 5 years for the central government and then 15 years in the financial sector in Switzerland, the Netherlands and in Curaçao. His specialities are compliance and risk management. Hobbies are politics and sport. He was chairman of the local CDA political party in Amstelveen and was also chairman of the (Football) Referees Association in Amsterdam.

  • Hans van der Liet
    Jurist - compliance management

Many people help the B of Joy as a Supporter. They do this as volunteer, member certificate holder, supporter and/or donator. Together with United People Foundation, that guides the process, they are making a success of the B of Joy. Supporters do diverse supportive work like editing and/or translations of texts and fiscal, legal and financial research. The B of Joy is of, for and by the people and,  thanks to the efforts of many, a force to be reckoned with. And that’s good news.

  • Supporters
    General support

International Advisory Board

The Advisory Board gives advice to B of Joy cooperative (in formation). The board supports B of Joy from its shared conviction that only a fundamental changes will provide for a righteous society and a healthy economy. The B of Joy initiative is viewed by the board as sustainable, well thought through and substantiated. The concept is definitely feasible and depends on gaining enough grass-roots support in the community. Therefore, the Advisory Board wants to take part in making this support possible.

Jan (1951) is trained as a commercial economist. He is author of, among other publications, Flow and Peak Performance in Business, Can You Teach a Caterpillar to Fly? and Seeing the forest beyond the trees. As advisor he works for individuals, small and large organisations in Europe, the US and Asia. His expertise lies in the field of true transformation. That’s to say, change from within, for the individual (consciousness development) and for organizations (culture). More info about Jan you can find here.

  • Jan Bommerez
    International Advisory Board

Tony (1955) studied at University of Malta. He obtained his MBA at Pacific Western University California. He is Chairman MTA Enforcement Board, Minister's consultant at Ministry for Gozo, Top advisor and Networker to companies and start-ups, Partner of TC-Consult & Associates. As Knight Grand Officer of the Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre, he serves the people in Malta and abroad to create a just world. He is B of Joy ambassador for Malta and Mediterranean Sea areas. Click here for more information.

  • Baron Anthony C. Coleiro
    International Advisory Board

Marleen (1963) studied economics at the University of Amsterdam. For 20 years she was a financial-economic journalist. Her first book on Corporate Social Responsibility was published in 2001. Since December 2014 she has been appointed as Professor Sustainable Finance & Accounting at Avans University for Applied Sciences. In her inaugural speech she argued that if we want to have a different financial system and better banks, we have to do it ourselves. That's why she is a supporter of B of Joy. More info.

  • Marleen Janssen Groesbeek
    International Advisory Board

Julian (1953) is a philosopher, political thinker, professor and entrepreneur. He earned his doctorate in philosophy at Oxford and his interests cover a wide spectrum: from good governance and sustainable economy to religion and metaphysics. He has published several books, including 'Tractatus Politico-Philosophicus'. His dream is to transform the world into a more peaceful happy place. He wants to initiate a new epoch in the history of humankind, which is evolutionity. More info? Click here!

  • Prof. Julian Korab-Karpowicz
    International Advisory Board

Ronald (1962) is a socially responsible entrepreneur. His background is in economy, psychology, architecture and theology. He worked independent for 30 years in diverse branches. In the financial sector it was for asset management, currency- and deposit trade. He is well known in several EU countries and stands for a 'Good Stewardship of All Life'. He initiated the creation of B of Joy. A interest-free cooperative fairtrade pro-life bank UC. As a result, from society itself, a quiet cooperative (r)evolution is progressing.

  • Ronald Bernard
    International Advisory Board

Véronique (1966) studied Financial- and Trade Sciences. She is lecturer teaching methods economy and real estate management. She gives seminars teaching methods for economy at ENW University Gent. Local currencies, building local economies and ecological economy, for the benefit of the earth and people are her specialities. Above all, She is HUMAN, with a great awareness of human– and earth matters.  Her motto is “We don’t inherit the earth from our parents, but loan it from our children.”

  • Véronique Leuntjens
    International Advisory Board


Expansion and description of people is ongoing. With thanks to Nico Brons for taking care of some photography.

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