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Banking from a Good Stewardship of All Life

We are concerned citizens who are taking the initiative

As citizens we are concerned about the current system, the future of our planet and our society. Each day our money loses purchasing power and scarcity is being created by charging interest. Besides this, money is being created from thin air, which adds to the decreasing purchasing power of our money. Together with you we want to create a sustainable and abundant society. Just look at nature. Nature has the habit of offering more than it needs. This is the reason behind the existence of natural systems. We are an integral part of nature and can lead our lives based on these principles.


The consequences

Because we have turned money into a goal in itself, the system has become unbalanced. The consequences are that the size of corporations increase, since efficiency has to increase, which is required for lower costs of production, which is required because interest has to be paid. The result is that these corporations are obliged to find new ways to become profitable. This is reflected in how these corporations treat their clients. Many food industries say they’re dedicated towards feeding us properly. Talking about how healthy their products are while at the same time they prepare our food with the cheapest possible ingredients. Another way of cutting costs is finding the cheapest way possible of extracting resources from our planet. Point in case is Fracking. Instead of looking for environmentally sound alternatives, the current rulers seek ever cheaper, environmentally harmful ways of extracting resources. What would happen if the pharmaceutical industry started making medicines that actually cure us? That would ruin their earning models. Shareholders seek financial gain. Their priorities legitimize the choices of the pharmaceutical industry. That is where we stand. Do we want to take this any longer?


A comprehensive financial concept through UPF

B of Joy as a comprehensive financial concept is conceived by United People Foundation (UPF), a non-profit foundation. UPF develops and promotes innovative financial products and services, that serve society. UPF oversees the process of making B of Joy a cooperative bank. The mission of UPF is to contribute to the realization of a Good Stewardship of All Life, as described in the New Declaration of Human Rights (NDHR).


Full reserve bank

B of Joy is a cooperative association (with limited liability) under formation. The goal of B of Joy is to become a full reserve, interest free, community bank. Full reserve means that we only lend out what we have already received. Current banks often have only 10% of their book value in the form of real money. Soon you will be able to pay, save, borrow and invest at B of Joy based on a Good Stewardship of All Life.

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