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Our core values summed up

FEES as returns on investments

As soon as B of Joy (BoJ) starts as savings- and investment bank, good times will arrive. By viewing the ‘why’-page, you’ll understand that a change is essential and that BoJ can provide a means to that change. BoJ works for cost recovery compensations and pays out revenues to Certificate-holders. These revenues are labeled ‘FEES’ and stands for: Financial, Ecological, Emotional and Social returns on investments. These core values support the higher values of BoJ.



Financial return

For fixed value and natural growthOur savings- and investment programs are solely dedicated towards a thriving society. The role of money is reduced to its natural version, serving as a medium of exchange. Your money is not spend on interest, speculation, the stock market, casino practices or bonuses. BoJ protects your money against Brussels’ new bail in policy.


As you might know, ‘Bail in’- rules oblige everyone with savings over 100.000 euro’s to chip in with the ‘saving’ of banks. Cyprus was the example. At BoJ your money is safe, because the money at your bank is under your own control. You co-decide how we invest your savings in the real economy. We invest in products and services which are optimally, ecologically pure, and of a steady value. De revenues are fairly shared. Our full reserve way of banking means 1:1 saving and investing.


As a bank we spend only what we have in cash. This generates a natural growth, making our bank stable and lasting. Through an investment-savings account you will be able to invest in ecologically pure, clean energy projects, such as solar energy. This is an example of revenue that relates to natural growth. The higher goal behind Financial revenues is that we heal the economy, without hurting anything or anyone. An additional consequence is an added value on a personal level, which can’t be expressed in financial terms.



Ecological return

For good stewardship of all lifeSince the occurrence of financial crises governments have focused on reducing budget deficits. Any percentage over 3% creates instant political panic. Last August we again passed ‘Overshoot Day’. This date marks the day we have consumed the full yearly yield of planet Earth. From that day onwards there’s an ecological deficit of 36% for the rest of the year. Should we borrow this from our children and grandchildren?


How much do we really care for our planet and our (grand)children? It should and can be done differently. BoJ stands for righteous sustainable development and natural growth, allowing us to use the abundance nature gives us. The current interest-based system leads to fewer and fewer people owning more and more assets. This is to the detriment of all life on our planet. BoJ works with revenues and invests as much as possible in people, small- and medium sized enterprises (SME), clean energy, water, food and housing projects. BoJ returns a Good Stewardship of All Life back to our planet and our (grand)children.



Emotional return

For inter-connection, trust and joyWe don’t have to stand by dispirited at how the current financial system (mis) manages our financial affairs. Neither need we be any longer at their mercy, because politicians do so little on our behalf. We’d can just start handling things ourselves again. We have a choice! We will even introduce our own currency. BoJ will be working with the (digital) currency ‘URA’. Managing our own money returns freedom to society.


Money once again will be a means that serves us. The moment a good stewardship of all life appears on the horizon, the general and emotional well being of people improves as well. And this is priceless, because it gives us joy –in French- ‘joie de vivre’. Compare it to when you think of your loved ones: a feeling of being connected which brings us joy. In such a state of mind, we care more for our surroundings, our fellow men and ourselves.



Social return

For renewal and compassionNew beautiful things stem from abundance. Opportunities for the recovery of relationships, connectivity, trust, the economy and joy increase. BoJ will create and run its own retirement savings plan. We’ll invest these funds in our economy with a long term vision. For example, in local economies, with small- and medium sized enterprises (SME) and the many self employed entrepreneurs.


BoJ offers SME’s and self employed entrepreneurs, which form over 90% of the back bone, and motor of our economy, a comprehensive package of financial services which truly relieves their burdens. Members of BoJ will have a buyers collective, market place and business guide. BoJ represents a new form of connectivity in cooperative banking, whereby every member is part-owner of the bank. The social revenues yield renewal in compassion and improves the well being of people in our society.



Think twice

For a new subservient financial systemBoJ is about transformation, the passage from the old financial system towards a new subservient financial system. This transition affects all aspects of society, such as the economy, the tax system, democracy, culture, technology, institutions, energy market, education, health care, housing, transport, environment and human beings.


Know one thing: through interest we cannot have sustainable banks. And our goal of ‘a good stewardship of all life’ just doesn’t fit in the current system. Ethically and economically speaking both interest and inflation are a form of theft. As is the unlimited creation of money.


We have the right to a financial organization that belongs to all of us, and where money is seen as a means, not an end. A medium of exchange, making our lives easier. BoJ is not a system, but a transition bank of, for and by the people. We ourselves are the change. It’s all about your free will and the choices you freely make. Please, think twice.